Negotiation and Preparation

Bad attitude

Leading on from last week about controlling your emotions keep a mental checklist handy for going into negotiations and although not necessary and a positive attitude would be helpful.

    • Is your attitude positive, cautious, negative, hopeful or hopeless?
    • Are you angry calm or anxious
    • Do you presume that negotiations are going to go fairly or you think you’ll be screwed over?
    • Do you know what your spouse is willing to offer or are you going in blind?
    • Do you know what you want to offer or do you just want to hear what your spouse has to say and hope for getting them to agree to less?
    • Do you know what your tolerance level is for listening to ‘unrealistic demands’?Could you listen without over reacting?

Know your own personal and commutative strengths and weaknesses!

Some people are positive and optimistic by nature, and that is helpful, but if you are not one of those people by nature, there is no need to put a smile on your face if it is not genuine.  However, strive to be courteous, pleasant and respectful and if a smile would not be genuine then remember at least not to scowl, glower, shoot daggers, roll your eyes, sneer or snicker.

An important part about attitude is ability to evaluate your own attitude whether it be positive or negative.  If you are honest enough with yourself to know that you have a confrontational, negative attitude then put off the negotiations with your spouse until you are feeling more positive about it.

Have a good week everyone!

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