Efficient and Effective Communication


Following from our last week’s email ‘Talking the Talk’ I felt that carrying on with communication this week would be appropriate.


Efficient Communication – This should be easy as

  • Make your point then stop talking
  • Avoid repetition
  • Concentrate on solutions to problems that benefit both parties

The best piece of advice that I could give you would be to concentrate on your own tone, your own grimaces when the other person is speaking and your own tendency to jab and needle at that other person.  If both of you do this then progress will be made.
We are all guilty of some form of aggressive communication so I am going to put some examples:-
Civilised communication – Being civil in communication rises and falls with the level of emotions (excitability, stress, negativity and anxiety etc) generated by communication.  The more emotion generated by the communication, the less likely it will end in success.
Here are some common ways that people escalate conflict – nonverbal aspects of communication that increase emotion –

  • yelling
  • failing to reach control to the other speaker
  • interrupting
  • snickering, eye rolling, sighing, staring aggressively etc
  • Sarcastic or derogatory tone.

Insulting language – the civility of your conflict resolution language evaporates ….

  • When people use language that is obviously intended to bully, overpower, denigrate, frighten or harass.
  • when people communicate in a passive aggressive way they add negativity to the conversation because of the underlying meanings in language used.

Overly Defensive Posturing – This is where insult is taken where none was intended.
Next week we’ll take a look at Agendas on visitation.

Have a great week everyone

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