A simple case of man-flu

man fluAt this time of year, many people start to cough and splutter as they go about their day, preparing for the onslaught of Christmas and the New Year. This could be our body’s way of allowing us to go to bed to recover in time for the height of the festivities. It could be worse, you could be ill on Christmas Day but at least you’ll get some gifts to cheer you up! However, for a man to come down with a cold, it can be humorously referred to as the dreaded ‘man-flu’, which is apparently worse than a typical dose of flu.

Perhaps you have experienced this kind of flu or your partner complains about it. It isn’t nice for them to have it but it can be just as bad if not worse for their other half who has to listen to them complain or see them ducking away from their usual household chores for a lie down. As partners, together in a relationship, it’s important to show each other some sympathy if they are obviously weak or in need but this is very hard to do if your love for them has diminished.

You may find yourself resenting the other person while they suffer with their cold but if you find yourself resenting them constantly, regardless of their health, then perhaps it’s time to do something about that. Unhappy marriages start with small arguments and annoying habits but when trust or communication becomes a big issue in the relationship, you will start to loose respect for the other. In the early stages of a relationship, couples date for a period of time, to build up trust, respect and love before fully committing to each other. In the same way, breakups go back to this unclear period.

A breakup is likely to be a slow process, as both couples realise they are no longer meant to be together or have any desire to see each other. Some couples will even look forward to time apart when they can have fun, instead of working on making their marriage fun. A usual marriage vow is “……in sickness and in health”. Therefore, if one of you gets ill, the other is expected to show their love and affection, even if it is the man-flu! This comes naturally to happily married couples and your love for each other should override other issues going on in your life.

If you find that you have no desire to put the effort in to help your partner in whatever circumstances then it is likely that you are no longer compatible. This is acceptable, couples get divorced all the time and it is a lot easier these days to arrange one.

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Jon Exton 

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