What if you could turn the clocks further back?

time changeThe clocks have gone back and the dark nights are drawing in. Many people start to feel doom and gloom again, as Christmas is approaching quickly like an evil ex stalking you! It’s no wonder that everyone starts to get ill at this time of year and some would rather stay snuggled on the cosy sofa then braving the wintery cold outside. Many people are still adjusting to the extra hour in bed we all got recently but what if you could turn the clock back further and how far back would you go?

We all live with regrets and wish we could replay parts of your lives. Many people are happy with their current situation but for those who aren’t, it’s easier than you think to create change in your circumstances. There is no point reminiscing about what could have been or who you could have married, or rather should have married. The choices we make throughout life are all in the past and have put you on your current path, whether you like it or not. As time goes by, it can be harder to change track but when a change is necessary, we have to jump ship and swim to the shore.

Looking back, you may remember a pleasant time in your marriage where you were both in love and enjoyed spending time with each other. These are great memories to have and even if you can’t stand each other’s company now, at least you can look back with a smile. Precious moments are few and far between but those times are not tarnished by your partner’s actions these days. Time has merely moved on and married couples will change, just like the weather when the clocks go back!

If you are feeling low then consider what would make you happy. Perhaps it would be a surprise romantic getaway with your partner or perhaps you simply don’t enjoy being with them at all anymore. As the prospect of a New Year approaches after the dreaded Christmas period, are you ready to go another round with them or are you actually ready for a clean break? 2015 could be your year of change for the better.

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Jon Exton 

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