Top 3 reasons why people get divorced

get-divorced.jpgThere are many reasons why people get divorced and in some cases it could be a long list. As you attempt to talk things through with your partner, you may find that both of you are starting to fight your corner and make a mental note of reasons why the other is wrong. The fact is that if you can both agree to get divorced then the reasons don’t matter too much. Putting your differences aside can be beneficial for your finances and the divorce process.

1. Growing Apart

We all change over the years as we grow old. Some are set in their ways but many people change as they have new experiences and learn new things. Couples who agreed to get married and grow old together can easily start to think differently and consider what their life would be without their partner in it, as the years pass by. Individual personalities can clash and the person you married could be very different to what they are today. What you loved about the person in the beginning can grate on you and now pulls you apart.

Individuals who feel that they are growing apart may start to see that they are not getting enough attention from the other and feel that they are no longer loved by their partner. It’s important to continually work at a relationship but if one person is not putting in the effort, it could be that they no longer will and couples can get to the stage of being unable to talk to each other, which puts the relationship at a halt. Talking is important, especially if you want to get divorced and sort out your finances.

2. Infidelity

Affairs happen all the time and your long term partner may be appear to be the perfect person in your life, whilst seeing others behind your back. This is a dreaded scenario and trust and honesty are extremely important in a relationship. Affairs can happen for a number of reasons but it is ultimately a betrayal of the marriage.

Sexual problems in a relationship can lead to infidelity and some people may enjoy the thrill of a new relationship for sex rather than the ordinary or lack of sex at home. Individuals can become bored in their relationship and many have affairs, whilst still loving their wife or husband. However, honesty is the best policy for working things out and that could mean being honest about wanting to see other people and end the marriage.

3. Differences

Everyone has personal habits that can drive others crazy. This could be minor things like snoring loudly or picking their nose to serious personal problems, which are too much for the other to deal with. Living with someone for a long time makes you realise what they are really like and you can get to know what they need. In the same way, you both may enjoy a drink but what if your partner regularly drinks heavily or takes drugs to the point where you have to care for them?

We all have differences but if there is no middle ground that you can compromise with then it may be time to call it quits on the relationship. Some individuals struggle with money problems, which can also have a big impact on the joint household financial pot. If one person is spending twice as much as the other or without the others consent, there will be problems. Divorce can be the best option and it’s important to split finances fairly for both parties.

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