The 1st divorce company to work with both parties

Divorce Negotiator are proud to be the 1st divorce company to work with both parties. It’s sad to see couples decide to divorce and then fall into an acrimonious situation, as their solicitors begin to disagree and drag out the process. Feelings like anger, resentment and frustration can increase during this difficult time and it’s not good to encourage those feelings by using two separate solicitors. Couples who choose to work together and finalise the end of their marriage find that they can discuss things amicably with less stress involved.

Divorce ArgumentAs you go into a marriage, you effectively agree to split your assets and divide the household income fairly. The last thing couples want when they begin the process of divorce is to see costs increase and their household pot of money diminish. It is better to be open with your partner and work things out with one Divorce Negotiator.

It’s understandable that you may feel worried at this time but Divorce Negotiator can help alleviate your concerns too. We can advise how to split the house, what benefits you may be entitled to and explain what you are likely to be entitled to. The current legal system isn’t designed to help divorcing couples and so our alternative approach can save you both time and money. We consider that you should be directed away from court not to the court.

Although we have three hats, one for petitioner, respondent and for the Court, the charges are nothing like a divorce solicitors. We can facilitate, explain and take you both through the process. For further information or to have a confidential discussion about your situation, please telephone 0800 177 7702 (Freephone) or


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