Divorce is like bereavement

According to Woman Magazine, Anthea Turner has compared her “awful” split from Grant Bovey to a bereavement and admitted there were days when she couldn’t leave the house. The ex-Blue Peter presenter also says: “My advice is don’t be bitter and twisted, you move forward.” Whatever your circumstances leading up to a divorce, the actual process can be like letting go of a big part of yourself. After all, getting married is all about sharing your life with another person and to take that away can bring a heap of emotions and during this time, it can be hard to see a positive way forward. As we do with sad bereavement, we have to accept that it is in the past and the only thing you can do is look ahead and don’t dwell on mistakes or things you can’t change. However, bitter and twisted we feel, we must put that everything is behind us and learn to forgive and forget.

LauraStatistics also show that 75% of marriage ends in divorce when a child of the family dies. This could be for a number of reasons and some couples do stay together for the sake of their children. Others may find it hard to be with someone who reminds them of their lost child. When the founder of Divorce Negotiator, Carol Sullivan’s daughter died, she wrote a book during her bereavement and all the sad nights that she couldn’t sleep. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the book by post, please email info@divorcenegotiator.co.uk

Divorce can be an awful time and you may feel at your lowest point but the process can still be amicable. Working things out fairly can often bring out the positive in a difficult situation. At least remaining friends means that you can still have conversations, such as making arrangements for your children. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you and make a bad situation even worse.

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