What does a Divorce Negotiator do?

Divorce doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process and it is possible to have an amicable agreement, which is best for both parties. Rather than work with two separate solicitors, you can discuss the process with one Divorce Negotiator and you can work things out fairly, saving time and costs.

So what exactly do we do?………

contactus-300x108.pngA Divorce Negotiator is a trained specialist in Divorce

That means we work with both petitioner and respondent (P R)

We explain the requirements of the Court and the pitfalls to avoid

We persuade and arbitrate to give balance to arguments, not to be biased but to prepare common ground

We mediate to effect a peaceful solution and continue to strive until I done

We negotiate when a settlement is complicated so that P R  can determine what is best for them and their family.

We prepare all the legal paperwork, but they will never go to court.

If by chance P R are called to Chambers we will prepare P R so they are ready

And when we conclude, the agreement reached and confirmed by the Court will be the agreement reached by PR

It is their agreement, we merely facilitate, explain and take them through the process.

Although we have three hats one for P, one for R and one for the Court the charges are nothing like a Divorce Solicitors

For further information or to have a confidential discussion about your situation, please telephone 0800 177 7702 (freephone) or email info@divorcenegotiator.org.uk.

Jon Exton

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