Could the World Cup be the final straw in your marriage?

The World Cup in Brazil has kicked off and excitement is brewing. Who knows perhaps England will surprise us all and win! When this tournament comes around, it can often change the household and suddenly the TV appears to be locked to constant football or your spouse is in the pub every evening. It will all be over within a month but sometimes this kind of event can cause friction in a marriage or even become the final straw.

Marriage is about compromise and understanding each other’s needs. Therefore, we must get to know the little things that make each other happy. For example, if you are an avid TV soap watcher then your partner will know that certain times in the evening are reserved for you. Although, with the World Cup being a unique event, perhaps you are willing to record the soaps and catch up later so they can watch the games. These little compromises can lead to arguments that can escalate so it’s worth anticipating potential problems in the household.

In marriages that are breaking down, partners often lose interest in what makes the other happy and may even do the opposite in order to annoy them. Couples can almost behave like children, squabbling over who gets to control the TV remote. If your spouse is out at the pub throughout June, are they planning on spending any time with you or has this simply not crossed their mind? Regardless of how passionate you are, in any loving relationship you must consider how the other feels and take steps to reconcile differences.

Some people will be worn down by the partner going on and on about football like an annoying parrot when you would appreciate a conversation on one of your interests. If you feel that this World Cup is going to be the final straw then it may be time to ask the ref to blow for full time on your relationship. People that show little or no regard for their partners’ needs must be challenged and there is no point staying in an unhappy relationship.

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