You don’t have to use a lawyer to divorce

When you are emotionally distraught or angry, leaving your divorce with a lawyer may initially seem like the perfect solution. However, using a lawyer may not necessarily simplify things. In fact, you might find that matters become more complicated and protracted.

The divorce procedure in England and Wales does not necessarily involve attendance at court as the majority of divorces are undefended. Accordingly, you do not need legal representation to help you through the process.

Most of the issues occur when negotiating arrangements for children and particularly the financial settlement. Parties can reach decision quickly and amicably without the necessarily negotiating through solicitors. By using an impartial third party to provide you both with guidance and assistance, you can be in control of your decisions while keeping costs down.

Any agreement in respect of the finances should be formalised by way of consent order. This is an important legal document that will bind the couple to the terms of their agreed settlement. The majority of couples will need help to draft a consent order.

Case Study
Mr A and Mrs A had limited resources and wanted to keep matters amicable. They had heard stories of couples spending over £10,000 just negotiating a financial settlement. Through our assistance they managed to get divorced, agree a solution for the children and finances that was fair and reasonable which was formalised by way of consent order. Their total fees amounted to £1800 and they arrived at decisions that were the best for the family with little difficulty.

Divorce Negotiator can assist you both with the divorce process, negotiating a financial settlement as well as formalising your agreement by way of consent order. By using a negotiator you can be in control of the decisions you make with guidance on the law and different options available to you.

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