Divorce doesn’t need to be a long drawn out process

During a potentially stressful and emotional time in your life, the last thing you’ll need is for your divorce to be a long drawn out process. Many people go into a divorce amicably but experience aggression and rising conflict, as the process continues and both parties begin to take sides with their separate solicitors.

Using Divorce Negotiator’s service means that both parties are involved with the same advisor and so the time is cut down, according to the speed in which they wish – not the time the solicitor wishes. The problem on time often arises when the party is passed to a solicitor or legal executive who only works part-time and therefore the process can take so much longer. The impact of this is it can take months if both solicitors on either side are part-time. Thus if the party are already in an acrimonious situation, this will only inflame it further.

letterAnother problem is when a solicitor takes instructions from their client and writes to the other with a different interpretation. This can outrage the client because it wasn’t what they meant to say but also outrage their spouse, who won’t believe that they are suggesting such a thing. The process of letter sending can fuel the fire further and cause more heartache.

Divorce Negotiator (DN) Case Study 1
Mr C and Mrs C both have solicitors and come to DN for mediation. Mrs C walks into the offices of DN and goes straight up to Mr C and kisses him hello. DN can see that this is an amicable couple. The next meeting Mrs C walks in and is extremely cold towards Mr C because she has received a letter from Mr C’s solicitor. Mr C tries to explain in between the tears of Mrs C that was not what he had said and he was cross that his solicitor had written that and that he had not received a copy. Case started 18 months ago.

Many couples fall into this trap but it’s important to understand that you don’t need to use a lawyer. Divorce Negotiator can work with both parties to come to a mutual agreement and work things out amicably. This saves you both time and money but also means that you can part on good terms, which helps for staying in touch and maintaining a friendship thereafter. This mature outlook allows you to put aside your differences and work together to arrange childcare and your future paths.

Case Study 2
Mr and Mrs F came to DN on 12th July 2013 and their divorce was finalised on 3rd December 2013. Matrimonial home and pension sharing order and child maintenance all resolved amicably.

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