It doesn’t need to end in tears

Divorce is a sad, stressful and depressing time for a lot of people but it doesn’t have to end in tears. When marriage breaks down, it’s important to take action and go about it in the most positive manner. If you and your partner work together, you will find that the divorce process can be simple and beneficial for both parties.

Deciding to divorce may lead to each person preparing for battle by going to two different high street solicitors but Divorce Negotiator is an alternative service, which is more cost-effective. Solicitors will often courage their clients to file at court but they represent a one-sided situation. Therefore, they don’t advise the client of the potential response to their given advice, which arise from the other side.

This often causes unnecessary acrimony between the parties. Couples that were once managing their differences are now not talking and arguing. They choose to only communicate through their respective solicitors. The impact of this is unhappy parties and children both emotionally and financially. It also encourages families of the parties getting divorced to take sides.

Divorce Negotiator (DN) sympathetically listens to both sides and has respect for both sets of feeling and emotions. They offer advice and solutions as couples can see the benefit of a less adversarial approach.

Case Study:

R and B had a matrimonial asset of 1.2 million. They both had solicitors and came to DN (in this instance only for mediation). They agreed everything accept the valuation difference of their cars. B’s value was £10,000 and R’s value was £2,000. R wanted B to offer £4.000 so she could renew her car. B felt he had given enough. R got upset and instructed her solicitor to issue form A to start court proceedings.

Neither party would ‘give in’ and B spent £30,000 and R spent £23,000. They agreed outside the court door before they went into the final court hearing, exactly what we had agreed to 1 year earlier. Cost of £53,000 for the sake of £4000. The case took three years.

Divorce Negotiator encourages the family to try and resolve their differences together rather than through third parties i.e. two separate solicitors. Couples that use this service find that they can get on with their spouse in the future, which is helpful, especially with children involved.

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Jon Exton

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