You don’t need to spend a fortune on divorce

Divorce is often seen as expensive and when money is tight it can even be the reason why people choose to stay in an unhappy marriage. For those who are considering a divorce, they may believe that they will have to go down the traditional route and pay for two high street solicitors. The solicitors may protect their individual interests, whilst battling it out between two parties, as costs increase and conflict inevitably worsens.

The difference with Divorce Negotiator’s service is that they work with both parties to come to a mutual understanding and a fair financial settlement for the divorce. There are notable differences to using a high street solicitor and the main incentive is that divorce doesn’t have to cost a fortune. They charge by the minute, whereas solicitors will charge by the six minute.

Costs are cut considerably as Divorce Negotiator aim to get clients to agree the assets without the need of filling out a form E (28 page questionnaire). However, if there is any doubt, then they do suggest using this form. If clients do need to use the form E again, they are simply charged by the minute to review it.

With two solicitors, information is often duplicated but Divorce Negotiator sends all information to both parties at the same time. At a stressful time in your life, it makes sense to be cost-effective and time-efficient in this manner. At the end of the day, both parties will want the process to be as straight-forward as possible, without causing further problems, so they can enjoy the rest of their lives and even be able to get on with their spouse in the future.

An example of the cost saving with Divorce Negotiator (DN) is explained below:

Mr N came to DN, whilst Mrs N went to high street solicitor. Mr N and DN put two offers to Mrs N but each time they were rejected as solicitor wanted to file at court and encouraged the client to file form E, which they did. Mr N was extremely generous but the solicitor always wanted to push for more.

Application was filed at court at which point Mr N had spent £7,354 with DN and Mrs N had spent £23,700 with her Solicitor. The FDR took place and Mr N’s offer was accepted with an extra payment of £10,000 to Mrs N.

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