Where is the love this Valentines?

It’s Valentine’s Day once again, cue fumbling efforts to be romantic with last minute petrol station flowers, chocolates or even a thoughtful card! This can be a lonely day for many but especially if you find yourself in a loveless marriage. You may feel that your marriage has hit a rocky patch, becoming boring or even pretty much over already. Valentine’s Day is the ideal opportunity for either spouse to prove or show their love in whichever way they can but when there is nothing left to give, perhaps it’s better to be realistic about your expectations.

Even happy couples struggle to find suitable gifts for one another but deep down they are happy and it’s each other’s love that is the greatest gift. Marriage can lead to routine and sometimes couples can almost live parallel lives, as they mature and begin to want different things. Some partners begin to understand their spouse less and less, having little clue what their interests are or what would make them happy. Therefore, Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a minefield and unwanted gifts will be accepted with an awkward smile.

Marriage is often about compromise but it doesn’t have to be a prison sentence, where you hate every moment but accept you’re never going to leave. Your happiness should be your main priority in life, along with your health. A loveless marriage will actually make you suffer emotionally, mentally and even physically. Making changes now could lead to a happier and healthier future for you both.

Perhaps there are other reasons that prevent you from actually making a change and seeking to get divorced. A typical reason would be for the sake of the children, who will be affected by the breakup. This is obviously going to be hard for them as they love you both but it’s simply a matter of explaining the new family arrangements. Work out the best way of telling them and explain why the divorce is necessary. They will be upset but ultimately appreciate the honesty and will want to see both parents happy in their lives too.

If you have been talking about splitting up then it’s a good idea to do something together this Valentine’s Day to talk further and reach a mutual understanding. Go out for a meal or go for a walk. Spend time discussing your futures and want you both want from life and each other. At Divorce Negotiator, we work with both parties to go through the divorce process as amicable as possible and reach fair financial settlements together. This saves time and money, which are great gifts for anyone!

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