Friday the 13th is unlucky for some but some believe their marriage has been a curse

Whether you are superstitious or not, there are many stories about Friday the 13th that may give you a chill. Some may refuse to leave the house for fear of accidents happening, while others will go about their day as they would normally do. What often happens on this particular day is people blame circumstances or events on the superstition surrounding the day. For example, twisting your ankle while walking down the street is due to this cursed 13th rather than the dangerously high heels you were wearing!

Some people feel that they have had a lifetime of bad luck. Perhaps they are trapped in a marriage, which they are persevering with, for fear of the unknown or the stigma of divorce, when deep down they regret every moment. One day of bad luck will not bring them down further but open their minds to the possibilities that change is exciting.

At any time in your life, change can be thrilling, scary, moving or worrying. Some say that change is harder to deal with for an older person but change can have a massive impact at any time. Life can go on and on like a series of Groundhog Days until something completely knocks you off track. Suddenly, you feel out of control or you have lost that future vision of where your path is leading. What now?

The moment you realise that divorce is the best option, think about the luck you’ve had in your life. You may believe you are a victim of bad luck for being part of a marriage that hasn’t worked. However, it’s important to view divorce as a process to change. You’ve been lucky to identify the need for change at this stage in your life.

Friday the 13th is ultimately the celebration of the lives and loves of Lady Luck. Divorce Negotiator takes the stress out of divorce and makes the necessary arrangements for you both. Therefore, you are free to create your own future luck in your new life adventure.

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