Divorce – Quick, Amicable and Fair

Divorce Negotiator will show you how to have a quick amicable divorce. Keeping the cost of divorce low. Showing you how you can acheive a fair settlement drawn up into a consent order. The most reliable alternative to using a solicitor. There is no other amicable divorce service like ours in England or Wales. We are divorce specialists and have a unique service which means we work with both husband and wife through the entire divorce process. We help with the divorce paperwork, financial settlements and arrangements for children.  Because both parties use one firm as opposed to each hiring a solicitor, costs are kept low. We will show you how you and hundreds before you can have an amicable divorce, and an amicable consent order Make a Free, No Obligation Enquiry

We are Divorce Experts

How are we different from divorce solicitors?

By using our service, you will be legally divorced in the same way as if you went to a solicitor. The only difference being is that you will be able to pocket more of your settlement.

A better way to get divorced

We will advise you on the grounds for divorce and guide you through the law on all aspects of the settlement. We ensure that any financial settlement needed is fair to both parties and most importantly will be accepted by the Judge under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973.

We can speed up the divorce process! Find out how