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For a quick, easy, affordable divorce in England and Wales

Providing Support every step of the way


Why use Divorce Negotiator for a quick divorce?

Your satisfaction with our service is our number one priority.  That is why we offer a money back guarantee.

Getting a divorce these days does not need to be expensive and time-consuming. We have streamlined the divorce process into different options to fit either your budget or time. Completing the forms is very easy, but ensuring the forms are completed to be accepted by the court is a different matter. That’s why our experienced Divorce Negotiators check your paperwork before it goes to court.

70% of online divorce papers are returned by the court as they are not completed correctly. We know how things need to be worded to ensure they are not returned. This makes your divorce go through a lot quicker.

Money Back Guarantee

Here at Divorce Negotiator, we work hard to guarantee complete satisfaction with your experience. Unfortunately, though, it just might not be for you. That’s ok! If you instruct Divorce Negotiator and decide that’s the case, let us know. Notify the team within 30 days of instruction we’ll refund all or part of your fees depending on where we are in the divorce process. See our Terms and Conditions for more detail.

Still not sure? Then contact us to discuss which option is for you.

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  • I am pleased that we used your service. We are still talking and getting on. The whole idea of getting a divorce is frankly scary, but you helped us through it a step at a time. Thank you.

How are we different from divorce solicitors?

You are given our personal mobile numbers to call outside office hours. We work full-time and someone is always available to answer your query. The costs won’t run away with you and there will be no enormous bill at the end. We don’t charge for disbursements such as printing and postage. If you are unhappy with the service you receive we will give you some or all your money back.

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