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People divorce at different ages, at different stages of their lives and for different reasons.

Avoid the cost and arguments of separate divorce solicitors to achieve an amicable divorce

Whether you’re 25 and find yourself having married the wrong person. Or you’re 55 and have had 27 plus years of marriage. Or you are somewhere in between. Each one unique to their own circumstances.  It has been said that for some people it is a such a difficult time that it has been described as a type of bereavement. This is why we do not offer a DIY – one size fits all service. We take time to get to know our clients and what level of service is suitable for them.


Whatever your circumstances, at Divorce Negotiator we understand that each and every one of you has different needs even though the final stage is the same…DIVORCE. We deal with all elements of divorce for people from all walks of life:

Getting married is one of the happiest days of someone’s life. But for some, divorce can be devastating. Let us show you how you can remain civil after divorce.

Divorce – Quick, Amicable and Fair

Divorce Negotiator will show you how to have a quick and amicable divorce. Keeping the cost of divorce low. Showing you how you can achieve a fair settlement drawn up in a consent order. The most reliable alternative to using a solicitor. We are the number 1 amicable divorce service in England or Wales. As divorce specialists, we have designed a unique service to work with one party or both husband and wife through the entire divorce process.

We help with the divorce paperwork, financial settlements, and arrangements for children. Because both parties use one firm as opposed to each hiring a solicitor, costs are kept low. We will show you how you and hundreds before you can have a quick and amicable divorce, and an amicable consent order.

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  • I am pleased that we used your service. We are still talking and getting on. The whole idea of getting a divorce is frankly scary, but you helped us through it a step at a time. Thank you.

How are we different from divorce solicitors?

By using our service, you will be legally divorced in the same way as if you went to a solicitor. The only difference being is that you will be able to pocket more of your settlement.

A better way to get divorced

We will advise you on the grounds for divorce and guide you through the law on all aspects of the settlement. We ensure that any financial settlement needed is fair to both parties and most importantly will be accepted by the Judge under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973.

We can speed up the divorce process! Find out how