Parenting Agreement for children in Divorce

Arrangements for your children can be worked out between you without court involvement.  Divorce Negotiator can provide you with guidance to help you to reach your own decisions about contact arrangements considering the whole family’s needs – with your child’s best interests being priority. Using our services will promote better quality communication between you and your partner, which will allow you both to focus on what is right for your child.

Once you have reached an agreement, Divorce Negotiator can set this out in a parenting agreement which is drafted around your family’s specific needs – we do not use general templates. Our parenting agreements are child focused and in the best interests of your child(ren).

A parenting agreement is a helpful tool to refer to it and reflect upon to avoid a dispute from arising.  It helps to avoid contentious court proceedings especially if it is reviewed on an ongoing basis, usually every six months or a year.

Should a dispute be unavoidable and one party makes an application to the court, a parenting agreement can be used as persuasive evidence to show the judge what each party’s intentions were from the outset, regarding the children.

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