Need a Consent Order in your Divorce Financial Settlement?

Come to Divorce Negotiator. We can help whether you are agreed or in a dispute about your finances.

If you have come to an agreement about your finances we can draft a legally binding agreement for you and submit it to court for approval.  You will not need to attend court.

If you are not in agreement, we are expert divorce negotiators with dynamic approaches to resolving disputes during a divorce and helping couples agree on a divorce financial settlement without conflict. If you have a financial settlement dispute – we have solutions.

Our high settlement rates demonstrate that with us, you will get a fair settlement agreement that works for each of you, without ever having to step foot in a court room. What’s more, your agreement will be legally binding once drafted into a court approved consent order.

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We have years of experience in dealing with divorce financial settlements and we can help you with a range of simple to complex financial settlements – no matter what your circumstances, we can help.

Unlike a solicitor-led divorce, our negotiation service will ensure that you go down an amicable route to your divorce, making your divorce financial settlement less traumatic, faster and more cost effective.

Don’t get stuck in a vortex of litigation. Get a court approved consent order. Call us today to find out how we can save you thousands of pounds.

Here is what some of our clients have to say about our service:

“This was certainly the best option, as it is fair to both parties, and cuts down on cost and worry. Use Divorce Negotiator- you won’t regret it!”

“ We both liked the advice we were given and instructed them straight away. 5 months later we were divorced and the financial settlement was approved by the court”.

“The Divorce Negotiator team were brilliant in dealing with my divorce paperwork and making the whole experience easier for me.”

“Total absence of competing with each other has meant we have emerged as friends.”

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