Getting a Divorce

Getting a Divorce

Divorce or dissolution can only be applied for one year after the marriage ceremony. The marriage or civil partnership must have irretrievably broken down and this can be proved by a number of facts. In divorce proceedings, these can be:

  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Adultery
  • A period of separation in excess of 2 years if both parties agree
  • A period of desertion for 2 years
  • A period of separation in excess of 5 years, where it does not matter if one party objects or not.

The above facts can also be used to dissolve a civil partnership except for adultery, as currently, this would not apply to a same-sex couple. A same-sex couple would cite any adultery as unreasonable behaviour.

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When filing for divorce, you and your spouse also need to think about:

  • the arrangements for looking after any children
  • child maintenance payments for any children
  • how you are going to split your assets

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