Frequently asked questions about divorce

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What is the difference between Divorce Negotiation and a Mediator?

We assist in all aspects of reaching a financial settlement and prepare all the divorce papers for you.  A Mediator will ensure that each of you has disclosed all your financial information.   With a view of you both coming to an acceptable agreement.

Can I claim my husband’s pension?

In the total assets are both parties pensions funds. Taking into account the length of marriage and earning potential.  You are both entitled, depending on the split of the assets on whether you receive a share of the pension or if it is offset against another asset.

Will we have to go to court?

Only if the Judge wishes to discuss the financial order with you both.  Or if he feels that part of section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 is not complied with which shows many important factors parties need to consider during the divorce proceedings. It relates to the length of the marriage, ages of the parties, their assets, incomes and earning capacities.

If my wife and I have agreed our settlement why won’t the judge just rubber stamp it?

Your financial settlement comes under the Matrimonial Act 1973. For this purpose it is a judges duty to both you and the court to ensure that all aspects are in accordance to section 25.  Therefore, if the judge believes that you may have missed something, your order is unfair to one party or is unenforceable he will not rubber stamp you financial order.

Can I share my pension without a financial order?


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