How to get a fair financial divorce settlement

Divorce can have an immense impact on a family’s financial resources and emotions.  Assets are often whittled away when a couple cannot agree on how to split their money. To make matters worse, they are often encouraged by solicitors to engage in lengthy court battles and end up in a worse situation than when they started.

Divorce Negotiator has a groundbreaking amicable service to avoid these common pitfalls of a solicitor led divorce. Our extensive experience in negotiating a range of simple and complex financial settlements allows us to negotiate cases without going to court. The focus is always in keeping the situation amicable. They key benefit of an amicable divorce is that children do not have to cope with the animosity of divorcing parents who are engaged in an acrimonious court led process. It also helps parents to retain a civil relationship after the divorce. An amicable divorce also means the family save a considerable amount of money, and avoid the stress that comes with instructing two different solicitors.

Our amicable process is an alternative way of dealing with family disputes. The aim of an amicable settlement is to resolve family disputes without going to court to fight for a settlement and is where you make the decisions rather than a stranger, called a Judge who knows nothing about your life. If you reach an agreement between you, you are more likely to stick to it so the stress of going back to court is avoided. There is also a higher chance of maintaining a civil relationship with your spouse so that your children can benefit from co-parenting post-divorce.

We recognise when it comes to agreeing on a financial settlement, there is no one size fits all. We treat each situation in accordance with the circumstances, depending on the finances involved and the way you want them utilised. Whether the settlement involves an asset split, property transfer, spousal maintenance or child support maintenance, we will tailor the negotiations accordingly so both parties achieve a fair outcome and move on with their lives.


Ultimately, an amicable separation is usually the fastest and most cost-effective option. Not just in legal fees but in saving your assets. Best of all, the agreements are legally binding, just as they would be with a solicitor led divorce, because the agreement we reach will be approved by the court.

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