How to Divide Pensions on Divorce

The Laws stipulates pensions are assets when considering financial settlements between divorcing couples

You will need to have your pension valued and disclose the value to your spouse. We guide you on how to get the valuation and tell you what information to disclose.
Once you have the valuation, you need to consider what will happen to the pension. There are several ways in which to split it. Including:
  • Splitting the pension between you. This does not necessarily mean equally
  • Earmarking a proportion of all or part of the pension for your spouse. This is a risky approach and only appropriate in limited circumstances.
  • Offsetting the value of the pension against other available assets.

Pension issues are complex. They get taken into account along with other assets which are available to the family.  We will guide you through pension valuations. Give options that are suitable for you, so you can decide which route is right for you.

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