Divorce Timescales – How Long does divorce take?

Divorce Timescales

Our clients often ask how long a divorce takes and how they can get a quick divorce.

The time that it takes to get a divorce is dependent on many different factors and varies from case to case.

Quick Divorce

A quick divorce can be achieved when both parties agree the marriage has broken down irretrievably and want to get divorced. The simplest form of divorce is where there are no assets and no children involved.

Providing each party returns the necessary forms on time, Divorce Negotiator experts can complete the process within 16 weeks from filing for divorce to decree absolute.

Divorce with finances and/or children or other issues

A divorce is likely to take longer for couples where couples require

  • a financial settlement, and/or
  • arrangements to be made for their children.

A divorce may also take longer if it is being contested or where one party does not know where the other now lives.

Our assisted divorce service can help to speed up the process. Divorce Negotiator can provide an assisted divorce service to couples who have assets and/or children, helping you to look objectively at the situation and agree on a settlement that is right for you both.

Our trained negotiators are always able to assist in situations where one party does not know where the other now lives and needs to have papers served personally to enable the divorce to progress.

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