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A UK Supreme court justice has sparked a debate on divorce pay outs received by ex-wives after he defended the divorce system of lump sums and maintenance payments made by divorcing husbands. As reported in The Financial Times, Lord Wilson’s comments, which were given at a speech at the University of Bristol, came ‘after peers have called for urgent reform to divorce laws and some judges have sought to restrict maintenance amounts’.

On one end of the spectrum, we have judges like Lord Wilson who believe that ‘it is usually unrealistic to tell a wife, left on her own perhaps at age 60 after a long marriage, that, following payments for say three years, she must fend for herself’. On the other hand, judges in the Court of Appeal are making decisions telling the former wife of a millionaire that she should get a job and not expect to be “supported for life”, after the husband took the wife back to court to argue that the settlement that had been awarded to her in their divorce was unfair.

It just goes to show that even judges with many years of experience in divorce law, still find it hard to grapple with decisions in regards to financial settlement and who should get what. The judiciary are split and often make decisions to contradict one another. This makes the court process inconsistent and unpredictable – not to mention expensive.

This is precisely why Divorce Negotiator advocates amicable divorces through negotiation directly between couples rather than leaving it to the court to decide their fate. It is beyond comprehension why parties want a total stranger to make a decision about their finances? Our aim is to help you both reach an agreement together, no large legal bills, no stress of court and ultimately, an agreement reached between you is more likely to be adhered to than one that has been forced upon you through the court. The money saved would stay in the parties’ pockets to be distributed between them.

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