We weren’t married, can you still help?


If you are living together as an unmarried couple and your relationship comes to an end, you do not need to apply to the court to separate, however, there may be issues in relation to the children, financial assets and maintenance that need to be sorted out. You and your partner may disagree on these issues and that is where our service can help. We can help you both to come to amicable agreement about these issues, which can then be formalised into a written separation agreement to avoid misunderstandings from forming in the future.

The separation agreement can deal with any issues that you wish to sort out, for example, who the children will live with, how much contact the other parent will have, what will happen to your property and any maintenance payments for the children and/or your partner.

Having a written agreement avoids the need to go to court, therefore saving you thousands of pounds.

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