We are divorce negotiators

How are we different from other divorce solicitors?

  • Typical cost of using DN - £160ph with average time spent on case 3 hours = £480 which is shared between both parties.
  • On average this represents a saving of £1,080
  • You will be legally divorced in exactly the same way as if you went down the solicitor route.
  • Typical cost of solicitor - £260ph with average time spent on case 3 hours = £780 for EACH party totalling £1,560.00
  • The court costs will be applicable to every divorce case.


A better way to get divorced

We will advise you on the grounds for divorce and guide you through the law on all aspects of the settlement. We ensure that any financial settlement needed is fair to both parties and most importantly will be accepted by the Judge under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973.

We can speed up the divorce process! Found out how